Benefits of Concierge Services


When traveling for business or leisure, time-saving is of the essence. People usually have limited time when they travel to new locations. It would, therefore, be a great thing if there was a way to save the available time and make the best out of it. Concierge services are the answer to this. Travel concierge services offer an all-inclusive service package that includes making reservations for travel, hotel and the places that you wish to visit. This saves you lots of time and also saves you the hectic hassle of doing all this. This way, you can have the precious time to enjoy with your family.

Providers of luxury concierge service such as Majordomo have a lot of experience in the tourism and travel business. With this experience, they know the best hotels for you to stay and the best attractions to visit while in New Zealand. Additionally, Majordomo has an impressive folio of villas where you can choose to stay during your vacation in New Zealand. The properties are not limited to the city. You can choose one in the historic high country stations and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand. With Majordomo private concierge, you will never worry about missing accommodation.  Click here to see more!            

In addition to arranging for your accommodation, concierge services at also rent comfortable cars for your travel during the vacation. The cars will be necessary for your movement between your hotel and the other destinations that you visit while on vacation. The concierge services will also organize for your travel from the airport on arrival. Majordomo will ensure that your transition from the airport is seamless. You will get a good reception, and your entry to New Zealand will be hassle-free. They also provide airport transfer services that are professional and friendly. Luxury concierge services can also get you tickets and admission to events such as concerts and sporting activities.

Due to the demand for property for guests to rent while in New Zealand, Majordomo also doubles in estate management services. The holiday home management and marketing services are a great help to the owners of villas who wish to rent out their property. The estate management services include marketing of the property in multiple channels, managing the reservations, meeting the guests on arrival, property inspections and stock taking. For more facts and information about real estate, go to

Estate management services are beneficial to both the owners of the property and the guests. the villa owners get to rent out their property without a hassle while the guests get the best private and luxury accommodation.